domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Cambie el plato por uno de 54 dientes, ahora se puede remar cuando se va deprisa.

Some people asked me where I found inspiration for the “marianette”. Here is a link with most of the known rowing bicycles:

I would only consider these bikes for commuting: ,, and .

Only the ruder-rad is currently commercialized in Europe, but I didn’t want to spend 2799 €.

Ruder-rad and superrider use crank mechanisms which are a bit too complicate to copy. The ruder-rad uses an additional wheel and transmits the movement to the rear wheel through the bottom bracket in which a free wheel is adapted. Connexion between the crank mechanism and the stem is also a bit complicated. In the superrider the stem construction and the weighted flywheel appear too complicated to me. La “marianette” uses standard bicycle parts, allows to row only if wished and has gears in the front wheel.

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    1. Thank you very much for your interest. Your bicycle is really nice. I wish you a lot of success marketing your bicycle in Europe. Unfortunately I'm not a business man, I'm only a hobby bicyclist. I may not help you in marketing your bike, but I'm sending you my private contact data. I' ll be glad to hear any thing about the evolution of your project.